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You're Too Skinny! [entries|friends|calendar]
You're Too Skinny! Eat A Sandwich!


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oh perhaps

perhaps if i was smaller perhaps i could control myself
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[Saturday the 23rd

Since this community seems to be dead (I really don't want that to fucking happen people! It's ridiculous!). I'm referring you all to 0nlythreeweeks2.
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[Friday the 22nd

[ mood | lucky. ]

i have the best college roommate ever. at least in eatin disorder terms. she and i are constantly finding things that we have in common with each other that anyone else in the school would be totally turned off by. but then she told me she was bulimic and i thought i must've been dreaming.

we're setting up a sort of support system for each other, dieting together and helping one another out. it's nice to be able to talk to someone about my eating disorder outside of an online forum. and if it staves off the freshman 15, then hell yes.

i've managed to lose about ten pounds, actually. which isn't much at all, but it's better than i was doing on my own. and considering this school keeps us stuffing our faces pretty much constantly, i feel fairly ok. if i can just keep my drinking to a minimum (boo empty calories) i think i might actually be able to close in on my goal of 100 lbs by new years.

good luck, everyone. be safe.

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[Thursday the 7th

[ mood | puke. ]

does anyone know where i can get a crash course in carbs?
i've been focused almost exclusively on calories, but i'm thinking that's probably not good. i want to be able to better watch my foods so i don't ruin everything i'm working for,

if you could give me some information, or point me in the right direction of where to look, i'd really really really appreciate it.

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[Thursday the 31st

[ mood | quietly happy. ]

i lost three pounds since yesterday.
and i have no one else to tell about it.
i really hope this keeps up.

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[Monday the 28th

[ mood | middle ground ]

ok, so i'm still nowhere near my goal, which is killing me.
i have lost ten pounds since i last weighed myself. and i just started college, which i really believe will help. I haven't got anyone hounding me to eat, i have to walk everywhere (always up and down stairs), and there are tons of really skinny, gorgeous girls wandering around to remind me what i look like (or don't, rather). i'm optimistic, at least.
it also helps that i have a roommate my same height - 4'11 - who feels really guilty over food, on the verge of an ED herself.
how is everyone? i hope you're well.

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gross. [Thursday the 17th

[ mood | dumb, ]

i have two weeks until i start college, and i am nowhere even close to my shortterm goal. i'm really looking forward to getting up there, though, where i don't have my family constantly trying to make me feel guilty for not eating with them, but it'd be nice not to show up as a heiffer. especially considering it's a women's college with tons of itty bitties walking around.

so, tomorrow i'm starting the super-hot supermodel diet of cigarettes and diet coke, so wish me luck. anyone want to fast with me?

what's the most you guys have ever lost in two weeks? anything?

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[Friday the 14th

have you ever been SO ANGRY that you can actually feel your blood literally boiling and popping all your veins??? !!!!!!!LKJDASFLKHASLKHAFHASFKJNASFKH I AM SO PISSED I CAN'T EVEN. AAGH!

Yesterday, I fasted successfully and it felt SO FUCKING GOOD. Until dinner when I was on my way out to the mall where I would be "eating" when my parents made me eat at home with them so they could "monitor" it. I AM STILL SHAKING WITH RAGE!!!!!!

what's wrong with me?? eating a little bit makes you lose faster than fasting. and alleviates suspision. and. gah. i hate me. so that was thursday. friday i screwed the fast. shall i fast this weekend? i'm think alternating fasting and eating tiny bits will be really successful. just the problem is parents. or the option is fast all the time unless forced to eat. which actually works well. but. hmmm. ugh. i want to fast 100%. i live for that. i get high from that pretty much. gross. i'm so stupid. but, i do what i have to do. and i have to do this.
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[Saturday the 1st

[ mood | sick ]

So I'm going to be starting taking Tae Kwon Do or Karate soon. Probably next week or so. I was just wondering if it's going to give me some gross beefy muscles, 'cause if it will I'm not going to take it. I don't want big gross beefy muscles. I don't want muscles at all. I don't want anything but skin and bones. Anyway it's good for flexibility which is why I plan on taking it. Oh, and the fact that I'm a huge wiener and can't defend myself at all, ahaha! Anyway, does anyone else take it and is it good exercise for toning and not gross beefy muscles? I know this is a little inane but... If anyone could answer my questions that'd be great. =D

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[Wednesday the 28th


A new community dedicated in supporting those wishing to stop binging/purging, we're only a baby community at the moment, so check us out and join and help us grow!
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Members Only [Wednesday the 21st

All entires are locked. If you wish to partake in this community request to join in the community info. Thank you.
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